Urban jungle fever

Jungle fever is real, isn't it? Every time I do a good Instagram scrolling-spree, I surely find at least several posts of beautiful indoor decor images filled with greenery and the most beautiful house plants. More and more apartments, cafes and boutiques on my social media are starting to look like little city jungles, while… Continue reading Urban jungle fever


April list

It's finally starting to feel like spring and I could not be more happy about it. Over the last couple of weeks, Paris has been drowning in the beauty of blooming magnolias on every corner. Meanwhile, last weekend it was actually warm enough to bare my legs and wear a dress, which is not actually… Continue reading April list

My tiny Paris apartment and tips for surviving life in a small space

"You're living in Paris, how can you be upset about anything?!" some of my friends have said. Yes, it's true, Paris has all the glamour you might imagine, but it also is just a simple big city. And as usual with big cities, it is busy, expensive, loud, polluted and much more. Not to say… Continue reading My tiny Paris apartment and tips for surviving life in a small space

March list

I did say last month that February is sneaky and quick, and here we are, it's already March! After a few months of cold and even the unusual snowfall in Paris, I am so ready for some warmth! It was, however, fantastic to witness the unwavering French spirit - even with the low February temperatures,… Continue reading March list

Best word for Paris: flâner

Over the years, having lived in many different places, I have become really good at being a tourist. I don't mean going to all the touristy places and flaunting my English wherever I go, ignorantly expecting everyone to understand me (sadly this still happens too much). In fact, what I consider being a good seasoned… Continue reading Best word for Paris: flâner

A weekend at Mont Saint Michel

The best types of trips are the unexpected ones that you don't see coming and are too busy to be excited for until you are finally there. Last weekend was exactly like that. Thanks to a lovely invitation from my boyfriend's family, we had the chance to visit Mont Saint-Michel - a tidal island on… Continue reading A weekend at Mont Saint Michel

Postcards from a snowy Paris

Let's all agree, Paris is a magical city. Whatever the weather, it just has a special allure and refined beauty that you can find even in (or despite) the not-so-pretty neighbourhoods or the smelly metro. However, as someone who's used to long cold winters, I have been starting to miss a white winter, therefore, needless… Continue reading Postcards from a snowy Paris

February list

Follow my blog with Bloglovin February is just the sneakiest of months, don't you think? I mean, January always has such a slow start after the holidays and feels like the much-needed breath of crisp, cold air to help you think clearer and get those things on your to-do list done. On the other hand,… Continue reading February list

Stop, think, evaluate, and make plans: 2018

Ah, January... The first couple of weeks of 2018 have flown by and here I am, still trying to figure out what it is that I want to achieve this year. It is strange to admit, but over the recent couple of months, I have had a really hard time trying to just stop and… Continue reading Stop, think, evaluate, and make plans: 2018